Balm application description and Ingredients

Scoop Deluxe Beard Balm

Balm application description and Ingredients

Scrape a small amount out using the back of a fingernail and place into the palm of your hand, rub between palms until fragrant and warm. Apply to your manly face farm in all directions and comb through gently to create a smooth, shiny, fragrant piece of lady bait. 

Shipping days are every Tuesday and Friday

The balm is designed to make your beard thick, soft and smell great.  Use as often as required

We only use the finest quality ingredients to give you the finest quality product


100% cosmetic grade organic Western Australian beeswax

100% pure Australian organic hemp oil

100% pure sweet almond oil

100% pure organic virgin coconut oil

100% pure organic argan oil

And various pure essential oils 

*as it does contain Sweet Almond oil, a common known allergen for nut allergy sufferers and Argan oil, it may affect nut allergies